Restauration Jean-François Allain Restauration Jean-François Allain

Cabinetmaker and woodcarver’s diplomas in hand : the French historical monuments allow me to restore many pieces of furniture and objet d’art for the national heritage, the castle of Chambord, Breteuil, of Sermontison, of Kerjean, … and religious heritage such as altar, pulpit of Commana (29), St Thégonnec (29)…

Passport in pocket, I could increase my experience of conservation and restoration of antique furniture serving private collection and auction houses Christie’s, Sotheby’s New York and Getty’s Museum Los Angeles.


Today, the adventure goes on.

We restore your antique furniture in the tradition of savoir-faire using appropriate materials such as wood sawn and sliced veneers, ivory, pearl, tortoiseshell and fish, nerve and bone glues, shellac, beeswax and Carnauba.

We take care of the cabinet as a whole: marquetry, wood carving, bronze cleaning, laying leather, restoration of marble and secrets mechanisms and locks.

Craft and natural finishes we use guarantee the quality of the restoration of your furniture and objets d’art.

Restauration Jean-François Allain  
Restauration Jean-François Allain

Some of our work :